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Terry Svejda is the founder of Decadian and its sister company Ag Masters. He has 25 years of hands-on production agriculture, licensed Real Estate Broker 18 years, grain merchandiser 30 years, merchant developer for grain processing facilities during 2000’s, past registration as a CTA with the CFTC, and grain analyst and marketing advisor since the late 90’s.

The Important Things


Terry Svejda has the experience you are looking for. Growing up in the agricultural industry, and having hands on experience for almost his entire life, Terry knows all about the fields of agriculture and commodities. Proving himself with his company Ag Masters, and again with Decadian, Terry continues to prove his expertise.


With 2 sons of his own, Terry understands the importance of family. We all love to spend time with our family, but sometimes our hectic lives really hinder how often we can do so. With Terry's assistance you will be able to spend less time researching, and more time with those important to you.

Knowing the facts

Knowing the facts makes all the difference in the world, and Terry knows his facts. With an extremely thorough research methodology, tracking more than 30 influencing factors for each commodity being tracked, Terry is on the cutting edge of being in the know.

  • In Depth Written Reports

    Keep track with what is happening in the market

    Terry's companies both provide written reports filled with detailed information about what is occurring in the market, from the ground level. These monthly reports, and more often if necessary, not only hold Decadian’s investment recommendations, they also break down every commodity we track.

    Terry tracks many points of interest every single day, and that information and thoroughness gets passed down to you through these written reports. Putting the hard work in, so you don't have to.

  • Doing the Research

    Do you have the time to track everything you need to to be the best investor you can be? Properly tracking a commodity to determine it's future takes a LOT of work and dedication to stay on top.

    Terry tracks ALL the data to have the best outlook on any given commodity. Things such as; currency valuations between producing / importing countries, world supply and demand balance sheets, world planting intentions, world weather trends, USDA 2 year price projections, subsoil conditions, future GMO or genetic developments, futures new crop pricing, plant diseases, international and US political developments, the list goes on!

Commodities are what I doeach and every day

  • Decadian

    Decadian.com is Terry's latest company. Decadian provides investment recommendations, and tracks current markets to get you the returns you have always desired.

    Ag Masters

    Terry's long proven company, Ag Masters, is set in the agricultural sector. Tracking agricultural markets, and giving you the information you need, to gain the best profits on your harvest.

    One Percent Team

    Decadian's One Percent Team is a 21 day learning seminar designed to help you get into the mindset to become a better investor, and reach the top One Percent!

  • Decadian Wealth Reports

    Decadian's monthly wealth reports provide current market recommendations, and all the information you need to know about the commodities Decadian is currently tracking.

    The Decadian Moment

    The Decadian Moment is a video series created by Terry Svejda. These videos contain thought provoking ideas and topics related to the current markets.

    Tracking Latest News

    Decadian.com offers a latest news section which highlights news articles from around the world to help keep you up to date.

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